Monday, March 19, 2018
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Data de-duplication ‚

James Ingle, Sr. Systems Engineer, Alexander Open Systems

James Ingle will lead a technical discussion of data de-duplication technologies. Data de-duplication identifies redundant data segments at either the source or the target to reduce the required backup window. Less data results in dramatic capacity reduction for both disk space as well as bandwidth requirements between locations.

Network monitoring – Terry Wood, VP of Technology, Intelek Technologies Terry Wood will lead a technical discussion of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold – comprehensive network monitoring software that allows IT managers to turn network data into actionable business information. By proactively monitoring all critical network devices and services, WhatsUp Gold reduces costly and frustrating downtime that can impact business.This month's meeting will be sponsored by Intelek Technologies.

Virtual computing – Brandon Williams, Territory Engineer, VMWare Brandon Williams will be providing discussion centered on an introduction to server virtualization and data center management. Learn how virtual machines can be easily changed, moved, and manipulated. He will demonstrate how VMWare management products take full advantage of the flexibility of virtual machines. This month's meeting is sponsored by VMWare, and lunch will be provided.

"Document imaging" – Preferred Office Supply and roundtable

Preferred Office Supply will present general information about document
imaging and concepts related to document management. The
presentation will then segue into a roundtable discussion among the
members. Members will share how they have implemented document
management in their environment.

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