Monday, March 19, 2018
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In place of our normal May monthly meeting we are hosting:

River Valley IT Pros' Second Annual

Tech Fair

ArcMAIL - Email archiving…A Swiss Army Knife for I.T.
Regular Luncheon at Golden Corral
1801 So. Waldron - Fort Smith, AR 72903
11:30 - 1:00 CDT

Email archiving is no longer a luxury or only for those who are legally mandated to deploy it but a real and sigificant value proposition for organizations of all types.

The drivers that are cited vary as much as the types of companies I have visited wit. Here's a sampling...

"We are no longer comfortable with only keeping email for a year on our mail server. If we end up in litigation, we know we will probably be asked to produce mail much older than that."

"Our mail server just keeps on growing so we really need a solution that will remedy that problem. We are bumping up against the Exchange limits daily."

"We have placed all our email in the cloud but we want a copy inside our firewall, the appliance based archive will do that for us."

"Our end-users are creating .PST files at a ridiculous rate, eating up drive space like crazy. Plus if we have to do an e-discovery search we will have to search all those .PST files. We want to get rid of PST files completely and prevent users from creating them."

As you can see, more and more organizations are coming to realize that email archiving truly is a Swiss Army knife when it comes to contending with email related challenges.

Eddie Dunn is a product manager for ArcMail Technologies (, a provider of email archiving solutions that address multiple business issues. He also leads the company’s sales engineering team in North America. A seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in IT systems engineering, training and management, his career includes serving as CEO of Alpha Networks and Developers; as senior systems engineer and managing partner of Integrated Network Solutions; and storage consultant for DELL Computers, where he led consulting engagements for Fortune 100 clients. Dunn holds the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification and a master’s degree in neuro-linguistic programming.

ArcMAIL Logo

Regular Luncheon at Golden Corral
1801 So. Waldron - Fort Smith, AR 72903
11:30 - 1:00 CDT

SONICWALL - Managing Internet Threats & Bandwidth with Application Intelligence & Visualization
Presenter: Adam Zimmerer
  • Show bandwidth consumption in real time, by user and website category
  • Manage unwanted sites on the fly
  • Enable granular application control
SonicWall Logo

Regular Luncheon at Golden Corral
1801 So. Waldron - Fort Smith, AR 72903
11:30 - 1:00 CDT

** Today's meeting is canceled due to the weather. See you next month!

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